Sunday, November 22, 2009

Steve Mizerak Championships

Well this event didn't go near as expected. I was playing really well before this event started and was looking forward to a good finish. I won my first match very convincingly and was on my way to what I thought was going to be a good tournament. My second match I played John (Mr 400) Schmidt. He won the lag and broke n ran the first game. He broke dry the second and I ran out. I broke dry and watched him run four racks to go ahead 5-1. The seventh game was a dry break and a tough one ball that I left in the pocket for another run out for him. The eighth game he broke dry again and I ran out and broke and ran the ninth game to make it 6-3. I broke dry the tenth game and he ran out for the win. Blah! My next match was no easier by playing Thorsten ( The Hitman) Hohmann. I was able to get a few moore chances in this match and got the win 7-4. My fourth and final match was against Monster John Rouse. I was ahead 6-3 and watched the wheels fall off. Not by my mistakes but the good fortune of his breaks. I did have two very tough opportunties during the next four games but wasn't able to capitalize and lost hill to hill for a very dissapointing tournament. There is always next time. I did take a good lesson from this too. No matter how far ahead you are, it aint over till it's over.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2009 US Open Championships

The Open is over and we have only the second person to have won back to back Open Championships. Mika Immonen. Congrats is definetly in order. Well, maybe not, he is the one that knocked me out of the tournament. I guess I can get over it. Congratulations Mika. Enough about him lets talk more about me. I had the best finish of my four appearances. That would be a tied for 7th. I am very proud of this finish and am anticipating a better finish next year. I had three very close matches that could've very easily gone the other way. After my loss to Ralf I played Kieth Bennett where I was down by a score of 9-3 and as he said it, destiny took it's course. 9-4, 9-5, 9-6, 9-7, 9-8, 9-9. He did get to the hill first but it wasn't in his destiny as he called it. He broke and scratched where i proceeded to run that rack and break for the match. I broke the balls and had a very tough shot at the one. Looking back I definately should've played a safety but I didn't and I left him with a shot to win the match. He played the one and had a semi tough shot to pocket the two. He missed and I was in the process of runnin out when I was struck by the red light from someones camera. I stood up and took a moment to clear my mind and started to pocket the five ball. Again. It was there again. This time i had to tell her about it. So after I explained to her about her camera, I then prepared to shoot again but was to quick and missed it by four or five inches. He jumped to his feet like he had been resurrected and shouted "just like me" and what he meant was that I dogged it just like him. Well, I beg to differ. Anyway, he shot the five in and miscued on the six and completely hooked me with the eight ball. I kicked two rails, hit the six pretty full and left him a very difficult cut. He made the six very easily but was faced with another tough cut. Cue ball in the center of the table and the seven ball about ten inches off of the head rail about one and a half balls right of straight on. He over cuts the seven, cue ball hits right after the side pocket and then another two rail rails into the opposite side. Destiny! Stevie runs 7,8,9. Akagariyama. Japanese player that had just beat Huidji See, Niels Feijen, and Jeremy Sossei was my next opponent. We had a great match! Hill to hill he missed a long rail 30 degree cut on the seven ball in the corner on the foot side of the table. The seven hung in the corner with a pretty routine out on the 7,8,9. My next match with Imran Majid wasn't as close as the previous three. I won this match 11-3. It was an interesting first game. I won the lag and got very nice lay out on the break. I had made it to the four ball and gotten jacked up over the nine. I was cutting about a 30 degree cut into the side and hit the point and it ran up the rail into the corner. He threw his hands in the air and let out a yelp. I turned to him and said " Yeah, like you're not gonna get a roll this set." To tell you the truth I don't think he did. Karma? Who knows? I did play excellently well after missing the four ball. Then it was against Mika Immonen defending champion. Yes, that was definately one of the thoughts that went through my mind. Instead of just another person. He played the match really well and won 9-5. I missed a nine ball and a four ball cross side. So from here we are headed back to the Steve Mizerak Championships where I am defending champion. Blog to you soon. Thank you all for your continued support.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

2009 US Open Championship Day 5

Well here we are at the 2009 US Open Championships and I have managed to win the first four matches. I won my first three matches by a combined score of 33-7 but last night was a bit closer. 11-10. I was playing Beau Runnigen from Minnesota and what a hellava match. He started very strong taking a 4-1 lead. I tied the match up at 4-4. He took the lead again 6-4 and stayed ahead till I tied it up at 8-8 and took the lead 10-8. The whole match I never got an open shot off the break and as I broke the 18 game I thought for just a moment I was about to and got kissed in the corner. He ran to the eight and missed while leaving me safe. I played safe and he got another roll. Trying to play safe he hung the cue ball in the corner and the eight in the middle of the table on the end rail. I played an ok safe considering what I was facing but wasn't good enough. He wins that game and breaks and runs the next rack and was on his way to doing the same in the 20th game but got jacked up over the seven ball shooting at the six and missed. I was faced with a semi tough shot and made it and ran the remainder of the rack to take the win. I play Ralf Souquet tonight at 10pm. You can watch the matches at or watch brackets at We are definetly in the hunt for a US Open title.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Galveston World Classic

If you havent heard, I'm here to tell ya. I won my third match against Glenn Atwell 11-4. I played really well and took an early 6-0 lead to win this match. I lost my 4th match to Shane Van Boening 11-9. I was leading 6-3 and shot at a low percentage combo safety. Now that I think about it. Combo safety? I had to much going on. Before I shot, I remember that I didn't make up my mind on the type of shot I wanted to shoot. I was stuck between the combo or the safety. So I shot at them both. Granite there are times were they're obvious . I just know now I should've chosen one or the other. Anyway, he made an incredible shot to win that game on the four ten combo and broke and ran the next two. 6-6 then 9-9, I made a position error and gave up ball in hand. He ran that rack and broke dry. I shot at the wrong safety. He played a safety, got ball in hand and ran out. I played Warren Kiamco my next match where I never really got it together. I missed two six balls and a ten ball. He also made mistakes but I wasnt able to capitilize. I finished 33rd in the eight ball and 17th in the ten ball. My next event will be a Seminole tour event Oct. 9-11. TTYL

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Galveston World Classic

I won my first two matches in the 10 ball event. My first match was a forfeit from Brandon Shuff and my second was over Christian Johannsen from Norway by a score of 11-4. I played well and hope to keep it going. My next match is against Glen Atwell at 3pm.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Galveston World Classic

Well we lost out of the 8 ball a bit earlier than I had planned. 10 ball starts tomorrow night at 6 pm. I played Rafeal Martinez and didn't really get much of an opportunity. He won the lag and broke and ran 5 racks. In the sixth rack he made a mistake and I got a little anxious and hurried my shot and missed a very makeable three ball. So he wins that game and break n runs out to win the set. Let's hope the 10 ball goes better which I have a feeling it will. Thanks and wish me luck.

Galveston World Classic

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Galveston World Classic

I've made it to the first Galveston World Classic and just as I thought. Great venue. They are finishing up the one pocket where there were 90 players. We started the 8 ball today with also 90 players. I won my first match 9-3 against Nick Kouladis from Canada. Lost my second to Lee Van Corteza from the Philippines by a score of 9-5M I missed two makeable cut shots that might have made the match closer. He had me 8-2 and I ran the next 3 racks to get to 5 and made an awesome break and was kicked into the corner and he ran the rack to win the match. I play again at 8 o'clock.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Seminole Empire State 9 Ball Championship

I'm here in Long Island, NY at Raxx Poolroom and Grill. There are 100 players in a race to 7 games, alternate break, double elimination. I won my first two matches and then lost my third match to Shaun Wilkie 7-3. I made a couple errors early and gave up a big lead. He broke perfect and played exceptional. I play again shortly.

Seminole Empire State 9 Ball Championship

Monday, September 7, 2009

Blaze Tour

Made it through a long day with another win. I finished up at three in the morning having to come from the losers bracket to the two set finals. I lost my third match to Sean Morgan (Alaska) 7-5. I was ahead 4-2 and made a bad decision and before I knew it we were tied at 5-5. He took the next two games to win 7-5. From there I won my next five matches with wins over Steve Lillis 7-4, Caroline Pao 7-6, Carmin Lombardo 7-5, and the two set finals against Alaska 7-2 and 7-4. It was a very long but very productive day. I am off to learn a kicking system this evening that will definitely be helpful considering its something that is needed for playing all games.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blaze Tour Castle Billiards

I'm headed to play in the Blaze Tour today at Castle Billiards in East Rutherford NJ. . Its a one day nine ball event, alternating break, race to 7 games, double elimination tournament. Play starts at 1pm. Will update soon.

Monday, August 31, 2009

NY State Championships

Its over and the dust has settled and you know it was me that came out of the rubble triumphant. I do have to give it up to my new found friend Dave Grau. What a great competitor. We had two awesome matches in the finals but only one could come out the winner and this was mine to have. I look forward to having many moore great matches with Dave. There is no doubt he is a force for anyone to reckon with. Good luck to him and his in the future. Thanks for the support from the 2009 NY State Champion.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

NY State Championships

We still kickin. We are down to the final four and I am most likely about to play Ginky. I'm playing really well and hope to continue.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

NY State Championships

I lost my first match here at Skyline in Brooklyn to Mike dechaine. Ill just have more time to get in stroke. Lol. Didn't want it this way but who gets to always decide how things are gonna go. Post later. Over and I better run out.

Friday, August 28, 2009

69th World Straight Pool

Its down to the final 16 today and I play Tony Robles "The Silent Assasin". He is known for his straight pool skills so I will definately have to be on my game today.The format has changed to a single elimination race to 200. Keep your fingers and toes crossed its going to be a hell of ride. Over and runnin out!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

69th World Straight Pool

We lovin life right now. Made it through to final 16. Play either at 1130 or 130 tomorrow. Not sure who I play and really doesn't matter just have to play my own game and get it done. Will keep you posted. By the way, I ran 71 and out to win my last match after being down 109 to 89. C'mon.

69th World Straight Pool

Day 4 and I won my 10am match against Robert Madenjian 100-94. I played Stephen Cohen in my second round and lost again. I was ahead 80-30 and got a couple of bad rolls on my break shot and he ended up running 67 and out to win 150-83. I play Bobby Chamberlain at 7pm to get to the final 16. Over and runnin out.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

69th World Straight Pool

I went 1-1 today losing to Stephen Cohen from France 100-52. I had numerous chances and just couldn't put anything together. I did rebound with a win against Earl Herring 100-84. My record of 4-1 gets me into the double elimination round that starts tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The 69th World Straight Pool

Its day two and I've won all three matches. My first match was against Bob Jewett from California. I won by a score of 100 to 37. My second opponent was Dan Walsh from Chicago. I won this match 100 to minus 5 and my third match was with Jeremy Sossei and I beat him 100-0. Also having my highest run in straight pool being 85. - play at 10am against Steven Cohen from France. Will let you know how it goes.

Sponsorship with Universal Billiards

I just got my first industry sponsorship deal today. I am so excited. Universal I would like to welcome them aboard and say thanks to the peeps that made it happen. First off David Bell. If it wasn't for his funny ass attitude I don't suppose he would still be friends with Mike who in turn knew Danny. Thank all three of you for your hard work and dedication to making this happen. Also, the guys that have been helping me the last three years. Layer 3 Communications, Mr Cues II, The Whole Thang, Red's Grill, Red Everett, Michael Byars, Mike Hart,Volker Werner,Susan and Richard Sweet, Jeremy Holder,Rodney Turner,Josh Bailey,Sue and Ernie of Rack n Roll in Sarnia 0ntario,last but not least my fishing partner Bo Blanton. Thank you all and I hope for your continued support.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Turning Stone Fall Classic

A very disappointing tournament. I was really hoping to do well here to increase my chances on making the Mosconi Cup.The next points event is the US Open. I did find out that there might be another way other than winning the US Open to get into the Mosconi Cup.I believe they are going to do it by voting on your favorite player. That is yet to be written in stone but a good source. Anyway I will be giving my all so stay tuned for moore of me.Take care.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Turning Stone Fall Classic

I won my first match against Manny Chau 9-4.I played really well and hope it continues throughout the rest of the tournament. My next match is at 4 pm today against Victor Conte. I will let you know how it goes.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Seminole Pro Tour Cape Coral

Its day two and I just lost my fourth match to Larry Nevel 8-4. Damn he is tough to play against. I won my first three matches 7-0 against John Ditoro, 7-6 over Manny Chau, and 7-2 over Arlo Walsman. I start tomorrow at 11am. I would like to thank my investors Layer 3 Communications, Mr cues in ATL, Jack Justis cases, Steve Lomax Cues,Diamond Billiards, Whole Thang in Macon Ga, Mike Hart in ATL, Michael Byars, Ernie and Sue at Rack n Roll in Sarnia, Bo Blanton, Dr. David Roberts, Volker Werner, David Bell, Mike Watson , Danny Bishop. Thanks for your support and influence. You guys are making it happen for me.

Monday, August 3, 2009

J Pechauer Finale Capone's Spring Hill Florida Day 2

Day two wasn't as productive for me as day one. My first match was with Jerry Calderone where I lost 9-7. I missed two makeable one balls early in the match and a four ball in the 15th game to tie the match 8-8. He went on to run the remainder of the rack to win the set. From there I played Corey Duel in a match that I was up 5-1. I shot at the silliest shot ! I lost this match 9-7 also. I will be in Orlando playing in the Mezz Classic this week. Until then.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

J Pechauer Finale Capone's Spring Hill Florida

I'm at Capone's Billiards in Spring Hill Florida. I'm playing really well. I won my first match 7-2 and then I played Corey Duel my second match. I was ahead 2-1 and broke dry. He ran a five from there to get to the hill. 6-2 he misses the one and all of a sudden it was my turn and I banked the one and ran the set out to win 7-6. I continued to bring my A game with a win over another formidable opponent by the name of Richie Richeson 7-0. Let's hope my A game continues tomorrow as it's still a tough row to hoe.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Seminole Pro Tour Goldsboro

I've won my first match. I played Justin Hall from Florida and he wasn't able to get a game. He had a couple of opportunities but just wasn't able to capatilize. I scratched on the break once and went for a flyer that I had no business going for. I also would like to mention the Gem City Classic where I finished 2nd to the mighty Johnny Archer. I had a really good opportunity to win the first game of that set where if I would've it might have changed the whole set. High n sight. Right? Anyway I beat some hella players by the names of Rodney Morris 9-1, Scotty Townsend 9-4, Arlo walsman 9-4, Paul Song 9-7, Mike Davis 9-3, Shawn Putnam 9-3, Larry Nevel 9-7, and John Schmidt 9-6. Not a bad days work. Lets hope it has stayed with me through out the week. Stay Tuned!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

World Summit In Las Vegas

Hello again. If you haven't heard by now your about to. I had a good tourney. I played John Morra yesterday and damn it was close. 13-12 my favor. This was one of the first times that he and I had a conversation away from the table. He seems to be a pretty good fella. Definately a credit to our sport. Back to the match. I trailed the whole time 3-0, 6-3, tied it up at 9-9, went ahead 10-9 and then 12-10. He then came back to hill hill with me breaking and whatta ya know Stevie got a break n run on the hill to win. Then I played Roberto Gomez who was the runner up at the 2007 World 9 ball Championships. Funny guy. Anyway he was ahead 6-0 and all of a sudden Stevie gets 2 games 6-2. Next thing I know its 8-8. Yeah baby! We traded racks 10-10 then I get to the hill 12-10. He wins the next game with a break n run. Whatta ya know Stevie break n runs on the hill again! Heh Heh! My next match was Thorsten Hohmann. I started this match slow too. Down 7-2 Next thing I know its 10-8 him and then 12-10 him all of a sudden its 12-12 me breaking. You know what I was thinking. Another break n run. Well I had my chance. I made a ball on the break got a shot on the one. I had two options for position. One with left follow or the other with bottom left and now that I look back I made the wrong choice. I ended with a shot but very tough. I made the shot but come up short . I made a good kick but ended up giving up the shot. One eighth of an inch one way or the other I would have made the ball or got a safe. It hit the point on the side pocket where it had a chance to go in or go up table behind the 7 and the 5. Whatta ya know he ran out. Still was a great match. He is a pleasure to play. One of the best players and people that I know. Until next time. Jax Fla at the Seminole Tourney Bank Shot Billiards. Holla!

Friday, June 5, 2009

World Summit In Las Vegas

Its the third day and we are still in thanks to some good play yesterday. I played three matches with wins over Randy Jaragoske 13-8 Tommy Najar 13-6 and Max Eberle 13-9. My match with Max was pretty exciting. I was up 10-2 broke the balls perfect and was kissed in the side. He ran that rack broke and ran the next rack. I break and scratch again he runs out break and break and runs out again. How many games is that for him? Oh yeah. Now its 10-6. Whatta ya know its my break again and what do I do Yep you guessed it. Break and scratch. He runs that rack and break and runs again. I do break and run the next rack to go 11-8. His next break is dry and leaves me safe. I play safe like four or five times with him kicking out of it. The last time he hooks me really good where i kick and scratch. He runs out.11-9. I break and run to go on the hill. He breaks and scratches and I run out for the win. Damn that was frustrating. So today I play John Morra. 19 year old from Canada. He beat me last time so hopefully there will be a different outcome today. Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

World Summit In Las Vegas

Its been a while since my last post. To be precise its been about two months. Well I'm back and its day two here in Vegas and I have lost my second match to Mike Dechaine. Young good player. I played ok but broke the balls like a punk. I was ahead 9-8 and scratched on my last two breaks. I did have a half ass chance when it was 11-9 him. I had to play a break out on the two that was very difficult and missed it. I got unlucky on the safety and left a bank which he banked in and ran out. he then broke played a good safety that I kicked and hit but left him a shot that he made and ran out again. Thats life though. Anyway he played better than me this particular match. I play at 2pm. This will be a long day if I keep winning so i will update when I can.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 3 Expo

I didn;t fair to well yesterday against Kim. I really thought I had him at 8-8. I played a really good safety on the five where he had to kick two rails to just evenhit the ball. Well he hit it and also banked it in and ended up straight in on the six ball. The next rack I broke and he pushed out. I took the kick and put alot of distance between the cue and the one ball but left it on the ten. I did leave him jacked up over the three ball but didn't make a difference since he shot the combo in like it was straight in. So I lost 10-8. I do have a chance to make up some expenses since there is a pro am that starts tonight. Stay tuned.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 2 Super Billiards Expo

Its day two of the expo and Im in the one loss bracket and I play at 3:30 today. I lost 10-9 to Matt Krah. The format is 10 ball race to 10 alternate break. I was ahead 3-0, 6-3, and 9-7. I missed some key oppotunities to close and didn't capitalize. At 9-8 he lucked the ten and in the final game I broke didn't make a ball, he plated safe, I kicked and left a tough shot on the one. He made the one and made a great run to win the match. Congrats Matt. I play Kim Davenport @3:30 today and inside pool and az billiards are both streaming this week. Hope everyone gets a peek.Stay tuned.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Reno Day 5

I was knocked out of the nine ball last night after an exciting match against Rafael Martinez. I was down 6-1 and came back to 8-8. I made two balls on the break and came with a good shot on the one. I had a routine out from there and shot about a 40 degree shot on the 8 ball and the damn thing skid on me. Where is John Schmidt when you need him for some wax to keep that from happening. Anyway I finished 9-12. I just won my first match in the 8 ball and play again at ten. I also learned I was given a nickname yesterday from Darren Appleton. The Blade because I always look sharp. I dont know. Feel free to give me some feedback. I would appreciate it. Stay tuned for moore.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reno Day 3

I lost my match against Glenn today. I played awful. I must have missed a shot a game. The final score was 7-3 and should have been the other way around. Oh well. I also lost my second match in the nine ball to Randy Vaughn. He had me 8-4 and I made back to 8-7 and scratched the break and he got out. I scratched the break four times in alternate break and still made it to 7. Go figure. I play at 11;30 tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 2 Reno

I won my match against Tyler Edey 7-5. He said to me take it easy on him. After the match I asked him was that easy enough. He didn't know what to say.People are ridiculous to say things like that. If you want easy go play some kick ball or something. After that I playeed Shane Van Boening and had him 3-1 and missed a nine ball to go up 4-1. He in turn missed the same nine and got lucky after about three kisses and was straight in on the ten ball. Go figure. Any way after that I still got a couple opportunities but wasn;t able to capitalize. Maybe next time. Play again at 7pm.

Second Day Reno Bar Table

I play at 2;30 today and still on the winners side. I had to play two matches yesterday and won them both. I was tired. I flew for approxamately for nine hours. I got in to Reno at six or so. Played at nine and eleven. So I play Tyler Edey at 2:30 and not sure after that. I will keep you updated. Later

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Final Day Turning Stone

I finished 9-12 here. I lost my first match 9-6 to Jack Smith ??????? yeah thats what I said too. He recieved some very fortunate rolls in the last five games of the match and thats how it goes. From there I proceeded to win the next seven matches with wins over Devil Dave Ascolese 9-1, Tony Crosby 9-7, Christian Coffey 9-5, Ed Matoshonek 9-3, Rob Saez 9-7, Sarah Rousey9-4, and Dave Fernandez 9-3. My eighth match was against Dennis Hatch who had a great tournament after beating me 9-3 he proceeded to finish second to Ralf Souquet. I leave tomorrow for Reno.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Turning Stone Classic

Im in Verona NY for the first tour ranking event of the year. This event is at the Turning Stone Casino. We are playing on Diamond tables one of my sponsors. By the way I won last weeks event in Ft Walton Beach Florida. It was the annual Andy Grubbs Memorial Tournament. The people here are always very nice and up with all of whats going on in the pool world. I'd like to say thanks to the Starcade staff and all the fans that were there. Also to my Uncle Gary that went to his first tournament and got to watch me win. Couldn't have won it without him. Stay tuned for Moore later tomorrow.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back to the drawing board

My first match of the day was a good one. I played Randy (David) Vaughn who is a Tennessean that plays well. We were close going 5-5 and he made a careless error by scratchig on the seven and from then on the table was mine winning 11-7. It wasn't as pretty my last match of the tournament. I played Johnathan ( Everybody owes me . How come I get all the bad rolls.) Hennesse also from Tennessee. I made several mistakes early and was never able to recover not to mention I had to fade his romper room fans. Oh well. Next time. Lets hope the people involved can grow up so the sport will be able to so as well. Until next tourney. Thanks for keeping up.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Final Day Chattanooga

It's the final day and I am in the one lose side of the board. I had some great matches yesterday. I played a great match against Jesse Middlebrook winning 11-1. The first game I broke and didn't make anything. He missed on the three ball and I ran out. The second game he missed a kick shot on the one and the next time he came to the table it was 9-0 where I made a careless error on position for the nine to go ahead 10-0 so that gave him one game. 9-1. He scratched on the break. I ran out and then broke and ran for the match. Later i wasn't as fortunate. I had Larry Nevel 9-4. I thought I shot a good safety on the one but playing Larry if he can see it he might make it. Well he did.It was an amazing shot and then came with another and another and another. Before I knew what had happened the score was 9-9. He broke and shot a push. He fouled the push and I ran the rack out. I'm leading 10-9. I broke parked whitey in the middle and what you know I was kicked in the corner by a ball. He then ran that rack and the next to win the match 11-10. It was a great match only thing wrong was I was on the wrong side of the rolls. Hopefully today will be mine. Will keep you posted.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Diamond Billiards in Chattanooga TN

The update at the derby is that I played or rather sat and watched Johnny Archer run the first four racks, push out on the fifth rack where I shot at the safety and missed. then continued to watch while he ran out that rack and the next two to beat me 7-0. Thanks alot. So now I am here in Tennesse and have won my fist two matches and play again at 5pm today. There are alot of great players here. 59 total. I will keep everyone updated.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Derby City day 7

We're still in. Won my last two matches. The first against Chris Miller from Louisiana. I won this match 7-2. I started getting some momentum and some confidence. I went on to win my next match 7-4 after being down 4-1 to John Scmidt. Thank you very much. I missed a couple of easy shots in the beginning but in sixth game I got my mojo and commenced opening a can o' woopass. In all fairness he is a great player and I'm glad I made to the final day. Update you'all tomorrow.

Derby City Day 7

I have made it to the fifth round of the 9 ball. I lost my match to Efren last night 7-4. I missed four different shots that could have made a difference in the match. I did win my match against Marcus Chamat 7-3 and was down 3-1. So I was pleased with the win. Waiting on the next draw at 3 pm. Will update soon.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Derby City Day 6

Still in the one pocket. I won my first match this morning against Lewis Demarco 3-2 and it was a very exciting match. I then lost my next match to Tyler Edey 3-2. I made too many errors in this match. I did play better my 6th round match against Dee Atkins who is a renound one pocket player. I win this match 3-0. C'mon. I'm waiting for the 7th round to be drawn up and will have to play again tonight.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Derby City Day 5

What a nail biter.I definetly played my butt off tonight in my round 3 one pocket match. I was down 2-0 race to three to a guy that said " I never play one pocket " meanwhile he didn't make a mistake until the third game. Not only did he not know how to play he didn't know which side his pocketed balls went. Yeah right. All he was doing was trying a shark technique The guy played one pocket very well. Anyway, I brought it the next three games and had him playin a little more like a beginner like he had let on in the beginning. I play my fourth round match at 11am against Lewis Demarco. Will update everyone tomorrow.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Derby City Day 4

I had some bad luck last night as far as pool goes. I was givin my first lost from Mike Surber in the banks 3-2. I also lost my match against Mika Immonen 15-9. I played well, I just couldn't make balls on the break. The last five breaks I came up dry and he was left with a shot on the one ball everytime and needless to say he ran out. He was breaking the balls well and got a shot on the one nearly everytime.I lost out of the banks today against Danny Harriman 3-1. But, I won my one pocket matches. We resume play tommorow at 11am. Will keep you posted.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Derby City day 3

Still going strong in the bank division. Just won my 4th round against Mark Jarvis 3-1. I also won my match last night in the bank and the Fat Boy Challenge which is the single elimination ring game against Corey Deuel 15-7. Wainting on the next round of banks to start and I will keep you updated.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Derby City Day 2

I have won my first two matches convincingly.This is the bank portion of the derby that i won back in 2007. The next round will be drawn at 6pm so as soon as i am finished with my match i'll let everyone in the loop. Also tonight is the beginning of the 10 ball ring game. 1000 dollar entry fee single elimination 16 player field. The first round begins at midnight. Until then.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Schooling from a school boy!

Well i have been at Stan the man's for the past four days and had a fabulous time . For those of you who don't know Stan Shuffett, he has been helping me with my game for the past 18 months. I am pleased to have him as a friend and a coach and not to mention his son Dennis the menace, oh, I mean Landon, also my good friend. A fine young man. We worked on pro one aiming, stroke and also discussed doing clinics at poolrooms in the future.All I can say is save up, because when we come to a poolroom near you it will sell out quick so stay on top of it and I will do my part to let everyone know when and where. So back to my title, damn that school boy put a woopin on me this week. Landon and I played several sets this week and he is playing phenomenal. Yesterday he kicked my butt three out of four sets winning two of them 9-1. Ouch! Not afraid to admit it, he kicked ass. Although I did get a little tired of that and gave a little dose back to him 7-1. What a player though. Watch out pool world he's after all of us. I'm waiting to play my first round of banks at the derby so I will blog you later.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Music City Open Day 4

Well its next week at the derby for me now. I played Johnathon hennessey in the winners bracket match it was 6-6, I scratch on the break and never return to the table. Then i play Ronnie Wiseman and lose 11-2. I had some oppotunities just wasn't able to take advantage of them. So I finshed 9-12 out of 115 players. I have caught a cold in last couple of days and having to play so late last night wore me down with not much sleep. There's always next week where i will playing at derby city classic. So until then. Happy days are here again. :) Thanks to all of you for your support .

Music City Open Day 3

Better late than never. I had an exciting night last night. Chris had me down 7-2 and made an error on the 4 ball. After that rack I ran the next 5 racks taking the score 8-7 me. The next rack I didn't make a ball on the rack and he ran out. Score 8-8. He also failed to make a ball on his next break and He never returned to the table although he had a slight chance when I was running out the last rack I got hooked on the five after a slight speed miscalculation but was able to jump over the 7 and continue my run to win the set 11-8. I start play today @ noon so i will continue as soon as possible. Thanks

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Music City Open

Its my third day and I've won my first three matches. I won my first match 11-0 and my second match 11-8 and my third match against Stoney Stone 11-6. Playing well so far. I play Chris Bartram 2nite @ 6 30. Stay tuned.