Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 3 Expo

I didn;t fair to well yesterday against Kim. I really thought I had him at 8-8. I played a really good safety on the five where he had to kick two rails to just evenhit the ball. Well he hit it and also banked it in and ended up straight in on the six ball. The next rack I broke and he pushed out. I took the kick and put alot of distance between the cue and the one ball but left it on the ten. I did leave him jacked up over the three ball but didn't make a difference since he shot the combo in like it was straight in. So I lost 10-8. I do have a chance to make up some expenses since there is a pro am that starts tonight. Stay tuned.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 2 Super Billiards Expo

Its day two of the expo and Im in the one loss bracket and I play at 3:30 today. I lost 10-9 to Matt Krah. The format is 10 ball race to 10 alternate break. I was ahead 3-0, 6-3, and 9-7. I missed some key oppotunities to close and didn't capitalize. At 9-8 he lucked the ten and in the final game I broke didn't make a ball, he plated safe, I kicked and left a tough shot on the one. He made the one and made a great run to win the match. Congrats Matt. I play Kim Davenport @3:30 today and inside pool and az billiards are both streaming this week. Hope everyone gets a peek.Stay tuned.