Friday, February 27, 2009

Reno Day 5

I was knocked out of the nine ball last night after an exciting match against Rafael Martinez. I was down 6-1 and came back to 8-8. I made two balls on the break and came with a good shot on the one. I had a routine out from there and shot about a 40 degree shot on the 8 ball and the damn thing skid on me. Where is John Schmidt when you need him for some wax to keep that from happening. Anyway I finished 9-12. I just won my first match in the 8 ball and play again at ten. I also learned I was given a nickname yesterday from Darren Appleton. The Blade because I always look sharp. I dont know. Feel free to give me some feedback. I would appreciate it. Stay tuned for moore.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reno Day 3

I lost my match against Glenn today. I played awful. I must have missed a shot a game. The final score was 7-3 and should have been the other way around. Oh well. I also lost my second match in the nine ball to Randy Vaughn. He had me 8-4 and I made back to 8-7 and scratched the break and he got out. I scratched the break four times in alternate break and still made it to 7. Go figure. I play at 11;30 tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 2 Reno

I won my match against Tyler Edey 7-5. He said to me take it easy on him. After the match I asked him was that easy enough. He didn't know what to say.People are ridiculous to say things like that. If you want easy go play some kick ball or something. After that I playeed Shane Van Boening and had him 3-1 and missed a nine ball to go up 4-1. He in turn missed the same nine and got lucky after about three kisses and was straight in on the ten ball. Go figure. Any way after that I still got a couple opportunities but wasn;t able to capitalize. Maybe next time. Play again at 7pm.

Second Day Reno Bar Table

I play at 2;30 today and still on the winners side. I had to play two matches yesterday and won them both. I was tired. I flew for approxamately for nine hours. I got in to Reno at six or so. Played at nine and eleven. So I play Tyler Edey at 2:30 and not sure after that. I will keep you updated. Later

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Final Day Turning Stone

I finished 9-12 here. I lost my first match 9-6 to Jack Smith ??????? yeah thats what I said too. He recieved some very fortunate rolls in the last five games of the match and thats how it goes. From there I proceeded to win the next seven matches with wins over Devil Dave Ascolese 9-1, Tony Crosby 9-7, Christian Coffey 9-5, Ed Matoshonek 9-3, Rob Saez 9-7, Sarah Rousey9-4, and Dave Fernandez 9-3. My eighth match was against Dennis Hatch who had a great tournament after beating me 9-3 he proceeded to finish second to Ralf Souquet. I leave tomorrow for Reno.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Turning Stone Classic

Im in Verona NY for the first tour ranking event of the year. This event is at the Turning Stone Casino. We are playing on Diamond tables one of my sponsors. By the way I won last weeks event in Ft Walton Beach Florida. It was the annual Andy Grubbs Memorial Tournament. The people here are always very nice and up with all of whats going on in the pool world. I'd like to say thanks to the Starcade staff and all the fans that were there. Also to my Uncle Gary that went to his first tournament and got to watch me win. Couldn't have won it without him. Stay tuned for Moore later tomorrow.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back to the drawing board

My first match of the day was a good one. I played Randy (David) Vaughn who is a Tennessean that plays well. We were close going 5-5 and he made a careless error by scratchig on the seven and from then on the table was mine winning 11-7. It wasn't as pretty my last match of the tournament. I played Johnathan ( Everybody owes me . How come I get all the bad rolls.) Hennesse also from Tennessee. I made several mistakes early and was never able to recover not to mention I had to fade his romper room fans. Oh well. Next time. Lets hope the people involved can grow up so the sport will be able to so as well. Until next tourney. Thanks for keeping up.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Final Day Chattanooga

It's the final day and I am in the one lose side of the board. I had some great matches yesterday. I played a great match against Jesse Middlebrook winning 11-1. The first game I broke and didn't make anything. He missed on the three ball and I ran out. The second game he missed a kick shot on the one and the next time he came to the table it was 9-0 where I made a careless error on position for the nine to go ahead 10-0 so that gave him one game. 9-1. He scratched on the break. I ran out and then broke and ran for the match. Later i wasn't as fortunate. I had Larry Nevel 9-4. I thought I shot a good safety on the one but playing Larry if he can see it he might make it. Well he did.It was an amazing shot and then came with another and another and another. Before I knew what had happened the score was 9-9. He broke and shot a push. He fouled the push and I ran the rack out. I'm leading 10-9. I broke parked whitey in the middle and what you know I was kicked in the corner by a ball. He then ran that rack and the next to win the match 11-10. It was a great match only thing wrong was I was on the wrong side of the rolls. Hopefully today will be mine. Will keep you posted.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Diamond Billiards in Chattanooga TN

The update at the derby is that I played or rather sat and watched Johnny Archer run the first four racks, push out on the fifth rack where I shot at the safety and missed. then continued to watch while he ran out that rack and the next two to beat me 7-0. Thanks alot. So now I am here in Tennesse and have won my fist two matches and play again at 5pm today. There are alot of great players here. 59 total. I will keep everyone updated.