Friday, January 30, 2009

Derby City day 7

We're still in. Won my last two matches. The first against Chris Miller from Louisiana. I won this match 7-2. I started getting some momentum and some confidence. I went on to win my next match 7-4 after being down 4-1 to John Scmidt. Thank you very much. I missed a couple of easy shots in the beginning but in sixth game I got my mojo and commenced opening a can o' woopass. In all fairness he is a great player and I'm glad I made to the final day. Update you'all tomorrow.

Derby City Day 7

I have made it to the fifth round of the 9 ball. I lost my match to Efren last night 7-4. I missed four different shots that could have made a difference in the match. I did win my match against Marcus Chamat 7-3 and was down 3-1. So I was pleased with the win. Waiting on the next draw at 3 pm. Will update soon.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Derby City Day 6

Still in the one pocket. I won my first match this morning against Lewis Demarco 3-2 and it was a very exciting match. I then lost my next match to Tyler Edey 3-2. I made too many errors in this match. I did play better my 6th round match against Dee Atkins who is a renound one pocket player. I win this match 3-0. C'mon. I'm waiting for the 7th round to be drawn up and will have to play again tonight.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Derby City Day 5

What a nail biter.I definetly played my butt off tonight in my round 3 one pocket match. I was down 2-0 race to three to a guy that said " I never play one pocket " meanwhile he didn't make a mistake until the third game. Not only did he not know how to play he didn't know which side his pocketed balls went. Yeah right. All he was doing was trying a shark technique The guy played one pocket very well. Anyway, I brought it the next three games and had him playin a little more like a beginner like he had let on in the beginning. I play my fourth round match at 11am against Lewis Demarco. Will update everyone tomorrow.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Derby City Day 4

I had some bad luck last night as far as pool goes. I was givin my first lost from Mike Surber in the banks 3-2. I also lost my match against Mika Immonen 15-9. I played well, I just couldn't make balls on the break. The last five breaks I came up dry and he was left with a shot on the one ball everytime and needless to say he ran out. He was breaking the balls well and got a shot on the one nearly everytime.I lost out of the banks today against Danny Harriman 3-1. But, I won my one pocket matches. We resume play tommorow at 11am. Will keep you posted.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Derby City day 3

Still going strong in the bank division. Just won my 4th round against Mark Jarvis 3-1. I also won my match last night in the bank and the Fat Boy Challenge which is the single elimination ring game against Corey Deuel 15-7. Wainting on the next round of banks to start and I will keep you updated.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Derby City Day 2

I have won my first two matches convincingly.This is the bank portion of the derby that i won back in 2007. The next round will be drawn at 6pm so as soon as i am finished with my match i'll let everyone in the loop. Also tonight is the beginning of the 10 ball ring game. 1000 dollar entry fee single elimination 16 player field. The first round begins at midnight. Until then.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Schooling from a school boy!

Well i have been at Stan the man's for the past four days and had a fabulous time . For those of you who don't know Stan Shuffett, he has been helping me with my game for the past 18 months. I am pleased to have him as a friend and a coach and not to mention his son Dennis the menace, oh, I mean Landon, also my good friend. A fine young man. We worked on pro one aiming, stroke and also discussed doing clinics at poolrooms in the future.All I can say is save up, because when we come to a poolroom near you it will sell out quick so stay on top of it and I will do my part to let everyone know when and where. So back to my title, damn that school boy put a woopin on me this week. Landon and I played several sets this week and he is playing phenomenal. Yesterday he kicked my butt three out of four sets winning two of them 9-1. Ouch! Not afraid to admit it, he kicked ass. Although I did get a little tired of that and gave a little dose back to him 7-1. What a player though. Watch out pool world he's after all of us. I'm waiting to play my first round of banks at the derby so I will blog you later.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Music City Open Day 4

Well its next week at the derby for me now. I played Johnathon hennessey in the winners bracket match it was 6-6, I scratch on the break and never return to the table. Then i play Ronnie Wiseman and lose 11-2. I had some oppotunities just wasn't able to take advantage of them. So I finshed 9-12 out of 115 players. I have caught a cold in last couple of days and having to play so late last night wore me down with not much sleep. There's always next week where i will playing at derby city classic. So until then. Happy days are here again. :) Thanks to all of you for your support .

Music City Open Day 3

Better late than never. I had an exciting night last night. Chris had me down 7-2 and made an error on the 4 ball. After that rack I ran the next 5 racks taking the score 8-7 me. The next rack I didn't make a ball on the rack and he ran out. Score 8-8. He also failed to make a ball on his next break and He never returned to the table although he had a slight chance when I was running out the last rack I got hooked on the five after a slight speed miscalculation but was able to jump over the 7 and continue my run to win the set 11-8. I start play today @ noon so i will continue as soon as possible. Thanks

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Music City Open

Its my third day and I've won my first three matches. I won my first match 11-0 and my second match 11-8 and my third match against Stoney Stone 11-6. Playing well so far. I play Chris Bartram 2nite @ 6 30. Stay tuned.