Friday, July 17, 2009

Seminole Pro Tour Goldsboro

I've won my first match. I played Justin Hall from Florida and he wasn't able to get a game. He had a couple of opportunities but just wasn't able to capatilize. I scratched on the break once and went for a flyer that I had no business going for. I also would like to mention the Gem City Classic where I finished 2nd to the mighty Johnny Archer. I had a really good opportunity to win the first game of that set where if I would've it might have changed the whole set. High n sight. Right? Anyway I beat some hella players by the names of Rodney Morris 9-1, Scotty Townsend 9-4, Arlo walsman 9-4, Paul Song 9-7, Mike Davis 9-3, Shawn Putnam 9-3, Larry Nevel 9-7, and John Schmidt 9-6. Not a bad days work. Lets hope it has stayed with me through out the week. Stay Tuned!