Sunday, November 22, 2009

Steve Mizerak Championships

Well this event didn't go near as expected. I was playing really well before this event started and was looking forward to a good finish. I won my first match very convincingly and was on my way to what I thought was going to be a good tournament. My second match I played John (Mr 400) Schmidt. He won the lag and broke n ran the first game. He broke dry the second and I ran out. I broke dry and watched him run four racks to go ahead 5-1. The seventh game was a dry break and a tough one ball that I left in the pocket for another run out for him. The eighth game he broke dry again and I ran out and broke and ran the ninth game to make it 6-3. I broke dry the tenth game and he ran out for the win. Blah! My next match was no easier by playing Thorsten ( The Hitman) Hohmann. I was able to get a few moore chances in this match and got the win 7-4. My fourth and final match was against Monster John Rouse. I was ahead 6-3 and watched the wheels fall off. Not by my mistakes but the good fortune of his breaks. I did have two very tough opportunties during the next four games but wasn't able to capitalize and lost hill to hill for a very dissapointing tournament. There is always next time. I did take a good lesson from this too. No matter how far ahead you are, it aint over till it's over.


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