Wednesday, February 24, 2010

US Bar Table Championships

We are in Reno and I have been eliminated in the 10 Ball division. Winning my first three matches I played Tommy D'alfonso in the fourth round. Being ahead 5-3 going to seven I thought I was on my way to winning my fourth round match. Then just like that, four kick shots in four different games I lose 7-5. I know its happened in my favor before to, but there is no future in a sport where there is so much luck involved. We have to take the luck factor out of the sport best we can to ensure our spot on national television and world recognition as the toughest sport to compete in. After losing to Tommy I played Earl Strickland. I was ahead 6-3 and managed to lose 7-6. He played really well, although that doesnt make up for his childish behavior while competing. He made an amazing jump bank shot to close the match on a safety that I came a bit short on. I came up dry on the break five games in a row and still made it to the hill somehow or another. So with that said, 10 ball is over for me and we begin the 9 ball today at 1pm pacific time. The Action Report is streaming so check it out.


  1. Hi Stevie, we didn't know you had a blog! We will visit again soon. - Derek and Betsy

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