Thursday, October 22, 2009

2009 US Open Championship Day 5

Well here we are at the 2009 US Open Championships and I have managed to win the first four matches. I won my first three matches by a combined score of 33-7 but last night was a bit closer. 11-10. I was playing Beau Runnigen from Minnesota and what a hellava match. He started very strong taking a 4-1 lead. I tied the match up at 4-4. He took the lead again 6-4 and stayed ahead till I tied it up at 8-8 and took the lead 10-8. The whole match I never got an open shot off the break and as I broke the 18 game I thought for just a moment I was about to and got kissed in the corner. He ran to the eight and missed while leaving me safe. I played safe and he got another roll. Trying to play safe he hung the cue ball in the corner and the eight in the middle of the table on the end rail. I played an ok safe considering what I was facing but wasn't good enough. He wins that game and breaks and runs the next rack and was on his way to doing the same in the 20th game but got jacked up over the seven ball shooting at the six and missed. I was faced with a semi tough shot and made it and ran the remainder of the rack to take the win. I play Ralf Souquet tonight at 10pm. You can watch the matches at or watch brackets at We are definetly in the hunt for a US Open title.

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